Aerial Video Tours In The Press

Not only are we ahead of the game, we also offer superb value for money – but then our estate agency clients already knew that! The Telegraph yesterday included an item about using drones to film property videos, and show an example provided by a firm that says ‘prices start at £1500’ – for which you don’t even get to look inside the property!

We’re still quoting individually for each property, but as a guide, the following video, including the aerial footage, cost around a third of that quoted in the Telegraph article.

We’ve got 2 more aerial videos arranged over the next couple of weeks, demonstrating that whilst it’s not suitable for every house, vendors of certain types of property are keen to use this style of premium marketing to help sell their home.

Whether it’s aerial video, or our standard property tours, video is now proven to increase interest in each subject property, whilst helping estate agents to demonstrate their superior marketing and thereby win more new instructions.

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