Video Increasingly Important To Estate Agents

In the States video has become an increasingly common element of property marketing, which has prompted Google and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to research its role within a wider study of the use of digital media in the home buying process. Jessica Lautz of the NAR has highlighted the following key points, which also show how estate agents here in the UK can use video to market to, and engage with vendors and home buyers alike:

  • According to the Digital House Hunt, a joint report between NAR Research and Google, there is an opportunity for REALTORS® to market to home shoppers in online video environments.
  • New home buyers place an emphasis on virtual tours and videos showcasing properties and communities.
  • Finding an agent and agent related searches on YouTube grew 46% year-over-year.
  • Number of agent-related videos on YouTube:
    • 19,200 results for how to find a real estate agent;
    • 88,400 for real estate agent;
    • 118,000 for buying a home
  • Home buyers who purchased previously owned homes are more likely to bring their online research offline by walking through or driving by a home they viewed online.

Whilst there are differences in the way property is bought and sold between the UK & the US, one common factor is that people engage with video in a way that more traditional media cannot hope to achieve. Estate agents, whether marketing homes for sale, or attracting new vendors, must first attract the attention of, and develop relationships with the consumers that make up our property market. As the US market (and just about every other sector in the UK) has shown, video helps businesses engage with and attract clients.

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The original article by Jessica Lautz is available here, and the Google/NAR report is at

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