3 Easy Social Media Videos for Estate Agents

Have you noticed the ever increasing amount of native video content on Social Media? (By ‘native’ we mean videos uploaded directly to Facebook/Twitter etc, that you can see playing within your feed, rather than just links to videos on external sites). There are 2 closely connected reasons for this growth:

1 – Social media platforms are actively encouraging users to post more video (see this Twitter blog post, for example)

2 – Video posts are more engaging than other media types – they’re viewed & reacted to by more people (which is why the platforms are encouraging more video posts – they want users to visit & stay on the platform more often and longer. You can see how the 2 reasons are so closely connected!)

So how can estate agents use video to increase reach and engagement on social media? Here’s 3 videos that you should be producing to ensure that you are the most influential property expert in your area:

Local Property Market Updates

Surprisingly easy to do, as Chris Watkins explains in this training video – once you know where to find the right data you can quickly and regularly produce short videos about each of your local markets. They’re highly relevant to your target audience, and are designed to position yourself as the local property market expert.

If you really can’t bring yourself to appear on camera (you absolutely should), either find a suitable member of staff who is happy to take on the role, or we can produce this animated alternative for you:

Weekly Wrap

You know you’re working harder for your vendors than every other agent in town (and much harder than the online only agents!!), but how can you show potential clients the lengths you go to for them, and the activity you’re generating? A weekly roundup video is the ideal way show viewers how busy and effective you are, whilst sharing current success stories that will give vendors confidence in your ability. Australian agent, Josh Tesolin, shows how it’s done in this Facebook video:

Neighbourhood Video

One of the reasons you probably give for vendors to use you to sell their home is your fantastic local knowledge – right? The online only agents just can’t compete on this subject, although you’re local competitors are probably saying the same thing, so a personalised local area video is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge of everything the neighbourhood has to offer. Highlighting the characteristics of each residential pocket will also show viewers that you know the property market better than anyone else in the area too. This example by Jay Glazer in Greenwich Village, New York shows how you can make it a fun watch too

So there you go – there’s no reason why you can’t start producing videos like these straight away! We’ve heard all of the excuses … “I’d be no good on camera”, “It’ll take too long”, “My friends will laugh at me”, “I don’t know what content to produce” … but the fact is that video is THE MOST ENGAGING TYPE OF SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT. If you want to make the most out of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. you need to get past the excuses and start producing video, before your competitors leave you behind.