6 Ways To Boost Your Property Video Viewings (And Why They Work)

We know that offering video tours to your vendors will increase new instructions, generate more viewings and help you sell your properties, but it’s important to maximise these benefits by making sure as many people see your new property videos as possible. Here’s 6 tips for increasing viewings, and the reasons they work:

  1. Add the link to your video to the top of your emails/texts when launching a new property to your matched applicants list. Placing the link right at the top means readers almost can’t avoid clicking on it, and they’re exactly the people you want seeing your videos! Firstly because they may be interested in buying the property, and watching the video means they’re more likely to arrange a viewing, and secondly because there’s a good chance that they’re also potential vendors, and now have another reason to talk to you about why you’re the best agent for them
  2. Are you posting photos of your new instructions on your social media accounts? So is everyone else!! If you use Facebook, for example, you’ll have noticed the increasing prominence of video in brands’ feeds, and greater emphasis on them by Facebook itself. This is because video is more engaging and is shared more frequently than other types of media, so adding your videos instead of photos will generate more interest in your properties, whilst letting your audience know about your innovative marketing techniques … another opportunity to get vendors asking how you can help them
  3. Highlight your video tours on your website – not just alongside each property, but all together on their own dedicated page. Potential vendors will visit your site whilst they decide who to instruct, so it’s a great time to show them you’ll do more for them than your competitors. Hosting every video in one place lets vendors see that video isn’t just for certain property types, but it’s available to them too. See how JP & Brimelow display their entire video library at www.jpandbrimelow.co.uk/video-tours
  4. Show your videos to your visitors. If someone walks into your office and asks if you’ve got any 3 bed semi’s available, show them the videos of your 3 bed semi’s! If video is more engaging than photographs on Facebook, it’s also more engaging in real life! Try it out and watch the reaction you get – I bet you’ll get more response than you would by showing your photos (and generate more viewings too)
  5. Email relevant videos whilst you’re talking to potential buyers on the phone – you’ll capture their email address and can even get a first hand response as they watch it while you chat. It’s another way of maximising market awareness of your video marketing package, and increases the chances of securing a viewing
  6. Play your video tours in your office window. Video is more engaging than photos (have I mentioned that already?) so passers by are more likely to stop for a look. Whether they’re interested in the property they’re watching or not, it will make sure they know you offer video marketing to help them sell their own home

So that’s 5 easy to implement, low/zero cost ideas that will treble the volume of video viewings you generate and secure more valuation requests as a result. Give them a try and let me know how you get on. Once we’ve got your viewing stats up we can create videos like the one below, that you can use to show your local market how successful you’re video marketing package could be for them too:

JP & Brimelow Best Performer Video – September 2017 from iViewProperty on Vimeo.


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