Better Property Marketing

What Is Better Property Marketing?

One of iViewProperty’s key goals is to make better property marketing material available to estate agents and vendors at every level of the property market. We’re convinced that not only does selling the most expensive asset most of us own deserve professional quality marketing media, but also that it makes financial sense for agents to incorporate it as a standard element of their service.

Using full motion video tours, professional photography and accurate floor plans achieves 2 very important goals:

  • Increases new instruction volumes for estate agents who use it to demonstrate a higher standard of service compared to their competitors
  • Attracts greater interest in the subject property, whilst raising its perceived value and reducing marketing time

The following video shows how high quality yet affordable photography can make a property even more appealing, then how it comes to life with a genuine full motion video tour that lets potential buyers see how they could make it their home.

Using property video is also an extremely valuable USP, and has the added benefit of significantly improving an estate agent’s brand awareness and SEO. Once the local market sees that our clients are the agents to go to for video tours, it has proven to be an instruction winner in its own right.

Note how the video brings the property to life, allowing the photographs to make more sense. Good photo’s will attract initial attention from potential buyers as they browse through viewing possibilities, then the video tour draws their focus towards your property ahead of all others.

The marketing material you use as an estate agent obviously isn’t the only element of your service that allows you to stand out and win more instructions than your competitors, but it is one of the easiest and best to demonstrate during a valuation. High quality photographs and property video also serve as an ever present illustration that your estate agency works harder to secure the best sale for potential vendors, giving you greater opportunity to secure instructions based on higher standards, not lower fees.

Estate agency requires both marketing and selling skills (amongst others), and estate agents are often strong at sales but don’t necessarily have the aptitude to produce quality marketing material. If your aim is still to be the best estate agent in your area, speak to us about how we can help deliver in our specialist field, so that you can concentrate on being the best in yours.