Does Video Sell Property?

As a provider of property video tours we are, of course, going to say ‘Yes – video certainly does help estate agents sell property’, and over the last 2 or 3 years we’ve heard plenty of anecdotal evidence to back that up, but with the help of one of our progressive estate agency clients, Cowdel Clarke in Stockton Heath, we now have the evidence that confirms our view.

Cowdel Clarke have been testing how to make best use of the video tours we provide for them, and have developed a highly successful strategy, which we’ll be sharing with clients to further enhance the work we already do for them. The results make for very interesting reading, and further demonstrate how effective video is for estate agents.

The Test

During the first 3 months of 2014, Cowdel Clarke have asked us to provide video tours for roughly half of their new instructions, which provided a great basis for a comparison. The homes we’ve filmed have varied from 2 bedroom terraces to 5 bedroom detached family homes, with some being beautifully presented and others requiring complete modernisation. We analysed the data on 9th April 2014, so it includes properties that came to the market up to 3 months earlier, through to homes instructed within the last fortnight.

Cowdel Clarke Director, Andrew Clarke, looked at whether or not each of the previous 3 month’s instructions had a sale proceeding/completed, or if they were still fully available. Obviously more of the January instructions had sold than those listed in February or March, whether they’d been filmed or not, but overall the results showed that:

Homes marketed with video, now sold: 83%
Homes marketed without video, now sold: 51%

Direct Comparison

Andrew also wanted to assess the impact their video marketing strategy had on directly comparable properties, to see how it affected the number of viewings arranged, the interest generated and ultimately the sale of each property. The closest 2 instructions marketed during the period were a pair of 3 bedroom extended semi-detached homes, listed at £230,000 & £215,000 during February.

The one we filmed was Stanton Road in nearby Thelwall, at £230k, and the other was on Worsley Road, close to the centre of Stockton Heath. The results were remarkable:

The video of Stanton Road was watched 169 times within the first 3 days, producing 10 viewings at the property. Three of those viewers made an offer, leading to a sale being agreed at 1% above the asking price during the first week of marketing.

By comparison, when we met with Andrew, Worsley Road had been viewed by 6 potential buyers but had not yet generated an offer.

Admittedly, further similar comparisons are required before establishing a pattern, but viewed alongside the data above, showing the percentage of properties sold when marketed with video against those marketed without, the better result for Stanton Road doesn’t appear surprising.

Should Your Estate Agency Be Using Video?

We will continue to develop and test video marketing strategies alongside our clients, but each of the estate agencies we work with are increasing their use of video and reporting great results. (Another success story is Julian Wadden & Company, who only opened their Didsbury office about 6 months ago, but are already listing more new instructions than almost all of their more established competitors. Branch Manager, Alex Mitchell, is using iViewProperty video tours for the majority of these new instructions, and is able to demonstrate to clients that it’s helping to sell properties in half the time of their nearest rivals).

Companies in just about every other industry have realised how effective video can be as part of their marketing strategy, and it’s now clear that a well developed video marketing plan will help estate agents  increase their market share of new instructions and sell those properties more efficiently. One of the most common objections we hear from potential clients is cost (usually before they know what that cost is!). It is now clear that the cost of not using video is far, far higher!


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