Download And Share Your Videos

Sharing videos via social media is an effective way of demonstrating your video marketing strategy, whilst increasing your brand awareness. You’ll probably have noticed more and more videos appearing on whichever is your preferred social media channel – this is because video is more engaging and is shared more than any other media type, so it’s well worth taking the time to post your videos. Here’s how to do it best:

Quick & Easy

Simply copy and paste the link we send you for each video, directly into your post. Depending on the channel you’re using, and the device your viewers see your post on, your video will either appear in full as part of your post, or possibly just as a link that viewers will need to click:





Ensure Your Video Is Seen

To significantly increase engagement, and make sure your video is seen by as many people as possible, it’s worth ensuring that your video is seen as viewers scroll through their feed:









To do this you’ll need to download the video to your own device and then upload it directly to each social media channel. Follow these simple steps in order to download the correct file:

1 – Open The Video And Click “Share”:

Click Share






2 – You’ll see various sharing options – click the link:

Click Link






3 – On the page that opens up, scroll down and click “Download”:

Click Download






4 – You’ll need to select the appropriate file size for the channel you plan to use. Twitter restricts the size of the file you can upload, so you’ll need to pick the smaller one for that channel:

Select For Channel







5 – The file will either start downloading (probably into your ‘Downloads’ folder) or will open and start playing in your browser. If it opens in your browser then right click and select “Download”:

Right Click










You are now ready to upload the video directly to your social media platform of choice. It’s worth using the main platforms to ensure you reach as wide an audience as possible. We regularly use Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, and also Instagram, although videos are limited to 60 seconds on Instagram.

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