Give Vendors A Reason To Talk To You …

… and learn more about everything you do.

Never mind technology, portals or what the latest online ‘agent’ is doing, talking to potential vendors is the most important opportunity you have to win new instructions. To start the conversation, though, you need to give people a reason to talk to you.

With instructions being as hard to win as ever, it’s obviously important to make the most of each new opportunity by showcasing the services you offer on every property. Including a video tour of each new client’s home is an opportunity for other potential vendors to see what you offer that your competitors don’t.

Making sure your local market can view each new property video at every opportunity is a great way of securing the next vendors attention . Having worked with some of the areas most innovative estate agents, and seen how each different client uses their videos has helped uncover ideas you’ve probably not thought about, so we’re well placed to help.

We know that for many vendors, video can be the key that secures their business – for others it may just be what’s needed for them to want to talk to you, so don’t miss out on those vital opportunities.

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