Estate Agency Video Tours – Case Study

How iViewProperty Helps Watersons Independent Estate Agents

In November 2011 we first started producing video tours for Watersons Independent Estate Agents, who cover the Altrincham, Timperley, Bowdon & Hale areas of South Manchester. Peter Waterson has always tried to stay ahead of the market, which has helped him maintain the market leader status in his area. He wanted to use iViewProperty as another means to differentiate his business from his competition, and to help him win, and sell, even more instructions.

Peter includes a video tour for the majority of his new instructions, regardless of the type of property, and has also used our tours to boost marketing for properties that are not selling, normally in conjunction with an agreed price reduction. In addition, he has found that video can be an effective tool when attracting vendors who are unsatisfied with their existing agent.

Our aim was initially to help Peter increase market share by attracting more vendors, but since May 2012 we have also been using our Social Media Package to help further raise his profile & online visibility in the local market.

Market Share

Watersons had been the market leader for several years before we started producing video tours for them, so we had to make sure we helped them maintain & increase their existing lead. In total there are 13 other estate agents covering their area, with a total of 18 separate offices. In October 2011 Watersons already held 15.82% of this market.

Market Share Increased by 12% in 10 Months

By the end of September 2012, after 10 months of including iViewProperty as part of their standard service, Watersons market share had increased by over 12%. Peter, delighted by the results, explained:

“We’re definitely achieving more viewings on the properties that have videos, which is leading to more sales”

“The other huge benefit is that we’re winning more instructions than the agents who are not offering this service”

See more of what Peter has to say about estate agency video tours.

Online Visibility

In October 2012, 5 months after work started to increase Watersons online visibility, we had:

  • Introduced their own branded YouTube Channel
  • Established their social media strategy including Twitter & Facebook accounts
  • Created a network of powerful, video based, highly relevant links directing property market participants to their website

During this time, their Alexa website rank improved by 45.5%, compared with an average improvement of 3.5% for a basket of their local competitors.

Website Rank Improved by 45.5% in 5 Months

The ability to find Watersons & their properties on Google also increased dramatically. We tested this by ‘Googling’ street addresses in the area (which is how a surprising number of consumers start their research). We tested 2 separate groups – 1 that we had filmed during the previous month, the other was a list of random addresses that we had not visited.*

We were looking to see how often Watersons own site, or our videos (which direct viewers straight to Watersons website) appeared in the search results, compared with other local estate agents. This was in order to establish how often Peter’s brand would be found by consumers. The results were better than we could have hoped for!

45% to 89% of Address Based Search Results Point to Watersons

For the random set of addresses, Watersons and iViewProperty results made up 45% of all the search results that pointed to any estate agents site. When we then tested the addresses that we’d recently filmed, the total number of ‘direct to estate agent’ results increased to an astonishing 89% pointing towards Watersons or the videos we’d produced for them, leaving just 11% shared amongst the remaining 13 agents.

* Contact us for details of this study

What’s Next?

Like Watersons, we’re not resting on our laurels. Our next target is to improve the results for a wider range of search terms, whilst maintaining the quality of our videos and continuing to improve our overall service and results.

To discover how you can benefit from introducing iViewProperty video tours to your estate agency, contact us or call Simon Thomas on 07770 888582