Is iViewProperty Working for JP & Brimelow?

With 34% market share and 8 consecutive quarters with more sold properties than any other estate agent in his area, Eddie Ellis of JP & Brimelow in Chorlton might have rested on his laurels and continued winning instructions and selling properties the same way he always has. Like the majority of the most successful agents, though, he remains keen on his company being the best it can possibly be, so on discovering iViewProperty video tours at the start of 2017, Eddie wasted no time in introducing the service to his vendors.

Watch this short video to see:

  1. How JP & Brimelow established their dominant position
  2. How Eddie is using video for his Developer clients
  3. What benefits JP & Brimelow have seen after 5 months of using iViewProperty video tours

“We’re selling more house, we’re getting more viewings, getting more instructions, so to be honest, it’s a win win!”

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