Location Videos

What Is A Location Video?

Establish your position as the leading local area expert by creating a bespoke video guide, showing viewers all the benefits that living in your town offers. You’ll have full input when it comes to content but, typically, each video shows:

  • Where you are in relation to surrounding cities and countryside
  • How easy it is to travel to and from your location
  • All your local schools
  • The best places to eat and socialise
  • Each of your local sports and recreation facilities

Why Use Location Videos?

Your location video can be used both as a standalone video and as part of your property tours. It will help you

  1. Win new more instructions (vendors love aerial video)
  2. Market your properties & location to viewers near and far
  3. Demonstrate your unique knowledge of your local area
  4. Add superb video content to your website to enhance your SEO
  5. Share your local knowledge via social media in the most engaging format

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