Prepare Your Home For Video Tour Filming

An iViewProperty video tour will help your estate agent generate more interest in your home from potential buyers, whilst reducing time wasting viewings by unsuitable applicants. Those people who watch your video and then come to visit your house or flat in person are much more likely to be serious buyers, so to maximise the interest in your property, and increase both online and physical viewings, it’s worthwhile following a few simple tips:

  • Arrange your video tour as soon as possible – the first few days & weeks are crucial as this is the time you should be generating maximum viewings. You need to do everything possible at this stage to make your home stand out, and video is proven to help attract interest from online house hunters, which means they’ll prioritise your property ahead of others
  • Lighting – the more light available for filming, the clearer and more attractive your home will look on your video tour. If you get chance, turn lights on and open any blinds or curtains before we arrive. Don’t worry if you can’t, as this is obviously something we can do during our preparations, but it will save a little time if you can do it in advance
  • Cars – ideally you should move any cars from your drive, or the road in front of your house prior to filming, which might otherwise detract from the feeling of space or remove focus from your property. Parking on the other side of the road is normally all that is needed
  • You! – We’re sure you look fantastic on screen, but you’re probably not included in the sale, so it’s best to stay out of the way whilst we film. We can usually film each storey separately, so it’s OK to wait upstairs whilst we film downstairs and then swap round. Otherwise you can go for a coffee, walk the dog or wait in the garden – whatever you prefer. We normally need upto about an hour in most properties, although larger or trickier homes can take longer

More Tips For Filming and Viewings Generally

  • De-clutter and tidy up – whilst it’s fine for your home to look ‘lived in’, you should be presenting potential buyers with the lifestyle they’re dreaming of, which probably doesn’t involve them doing much housework! A well presented property means buyers can focus on what attracts them to your home, not what needs doing to it.
  • Increase floorspace – one of the aims of the video tour is to show the space that’s available, so don’t hide it under unnecessary items. It doesn’t matter if rooms are small as any room is usable, but if viewers can’t see the floor for boxes etc. they will struggle to envisage how they will put it to good use. (We can do a limited amount of clearing prior to filming, but remember we are doing a walk-through video, so can’t generally move items from one room to the next)
  • Say it with flowers! A beautiful flower display in the middle of a table, for example, will give us something to focus on as we film and looks great on video. Details like these are part of the ‘lifestyle’ that buyers are searching for

Once we’ve finished filming there are a few more things you can do to help make sure that as many house hunters see your home as possible – you never know where your buyer will find you. We will normally add your tour to our own site ( and to YouTube, and your estate agent will arrange for the video to appear on their website and property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. If we have your email address we will send you links to your video, where you can ‘share’ and ‘like’ it, which will encourage search engines like Google to make your video easier to find:

  • Let Google know your video is worth watching – each time someone watches your video the ‘viewing’ is counted, and the more viewings, the higher your video will be ranked, particularly if viewed to the end. ‘Liking’ the video has a similar effect, and can be done by clicking ‘Like’ or the ‘Thumbs Up’ icon below the video. Improving the rank of your video tour will mean Google will make it easier for buyers to find it outside of the traditional house hunting channels
  • Let others know your video is worth watching – sharing your video tour via any social media channels you use, or to email contacts, dramatically increases the number of viewers it receives, so add it to your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ channels. As well as increasing viewings directly, this will encourage Google to make it more visible

 What Next?

If you’ve not already arranged an appointment for us to film your home then give us a call as soon as possible. Once our visit has been arranged, all you need to do is prepare as outlined above, and perhaps have a look at some of our recent property videos at, where you can also search for tours of homes you might be interested in yourself!