Property Videos Now Offer Even Greater Value For Estate Agents

With filming now under way for the first few iViewProperty video tours of 2013, it’s fascinating to look back at 2012 and see what we’ve achieved. We’ve filmed properties varying from dilapidated barns to stunning castles, from 2 up, 2 down terraces that have remained untouched for forty years, to multi ¬£million new build homes including swimming pools, cinemas, wine cellars and more.

In between these extremes, we’ve filmed hundreds of more ‘standard’ properties that form the backbone of the business. Vendors and their estate agents have been delighted with the way our video tours have brought homes to life so much more effectively than photographs do, and are particularly pleased with the amount of interest that videos have generated for both the individual properties, and the estate agent’s businesses in general.

Greater Benefits of our Property Video Marketing Package

Whilst all this has been happening during our first year, we’ve learnt an enormous amount that has allowed us to improve our property videos and, even more importantly, increase the value and benefits for our estate agency clients. We originally set out to provide video tours that would help estate agents sell their vendor’s homes and, whilst this remains a key element of the service, our main aim is now to help clients build their businesses by increasing new instruction levels and further raising their profile in their markets.

The improvements in what we do will continue, but clients are already experiencing incredible benefits that even we didn’t realise were available. Estate agents have reported:

  • An increase in listings compared to their competition
  • Greater interest and viewing figures for properties with videos
  • Double digit figure increases in market share, and
  • An increase in bottom line profit as a result.

One client, Humphreys of Chester, has even credited our video tours as being an important part of the strategy that allowed them to win a prestigious Gold Award at the Estate Agency of the Year Awards!

2013 – Remarkable Value For Our Estate Agency Clients

After all the development and streamlining of our model in 2012, we’re now ready to start the 2nd phase of our plan by increasing our client base and business volumes. To this end we have prepared a video marketing package that works for both individual properties and your business as a whole, is incredibly effective, and also remarkably good value. What this means to you is that you can secure a great deal on a service that is now proven to boost business for our clients.

To discover how genuine property video tours can boost your estate agency business, email Simon Thomas, or call 0161 710 2058