Should Estate Agents Use Video On Facebook?

Should estate agents use video on Facebook?

We upload our video tours and Video Market Reports directly to Facebook as well as the usual channels for one client, Mitchell Williams in Cheadle, and are comparing the reach and engagement of video posts compared to other types (Text/Images/Links). We’re told that Facebook, Google, Twitter etc all want more video content as it’s more engaging, but wanted to test it specifically for estate agency content, because that’s the sector we’re actually interested in. Having access to Mitchell Williams Facebook ‘Insights’ allows us to compare the different post types, and we’ll be testing them thoroughly over the coming weeks and months, but so far this month the difference is significant!

Of 5 video & 16 non-video posts so far, the average reach of the video posts is 3.2 times greater than non video, and the engagement is an incredible 9.7 times greater! So Facebook is showing the video content to far more people than the non-video, and when viewers do see it they are even more likely to interact with the video posts.

Will this lead to more instructions? We’ll need more time to evaluate that, but if you want to be visible to your local online audience then video should be a big part of your marketing plan