Virtual Property Guides

What Is A Virtual Property Guide?

Combining either your photographs, or our professional photographers images, alongside your own bespoke area guide, we’ll produce a virtual tour that sells both the subject property and its location. You specify what you’d like to include that best sells your area, and we’ll produce an aerial guide that lets viewers virtually fly from the property, above the local neighbourhood, touring all the local schools, sports clubs, parks and whatever other information you’d like included.

Why Do Virtual Guides Work?

Virtual Guides work for all three main parties involved in the home buying & selling process:

Estate Agents:

Generating more viewings for your properties is incredibly valuable in itself, but the other massive benefit that video brochures offer is a real increase in new instructions. Vendors love their videos, and because you can explain how it will help secure a better sale, you’ll have a genuine and tangible reason why they should choose you to market their home.

Working with regular clients allows us to create bespoke area guides that are available both as standalone videos, providing great content on your website, and as a valuable addition to each of your property videos. For individual orders we can still create a slideshow video from your photographs, or from one of our professional photographers, but let’s face it … viewers can look at photographs already! It’s adding further, useful content to your videos that will attract more vendors and buyers alike.


Consumers love to watch video – it’s the easiest way to learn everything we need to know about almost any topic, product or service. Watching property videos allows house hunters to narrow their selection of properties they want to view in person, but also lets them view homes they might not have originally considered – we often hear stories of people buying homes they had previously discounted, only to watch the video and discover it had more to offer than expected.


Increasing the number of viewers you can generate for your property is the key to achieving a sale. With so much competition, you need to make your home stand out, and a video brochure will make your home so much more memorable than others that only offer photos.

Our estate agent clients have found they generate more physical viewings on properties that include a video as part of their marketing, and since those viewers have already seen your home on video, they are better qualified – almost like a 2nd viewing.

Where Can Our Virtual Guides Be Viewed?

All your property videos can be viewed on both your own website and the major property portals. We’ll also help you integrate them into your social marketing campaign – video is the most engaging and shared content type on social media, so your properties and business will be promoted by your clients to all their friends and family.

Why Use Virtual Property Guides?

  • Increases new instructions
  • Attracts and focusses home buyers attention
  • Provides a tangible USP for your estate agency

Our complete focus is on helping clients win more instructions & sell more property, and we are able to do this by providing outstanding estate agency & property marketing material for every level in the property market.